Zong Unlimited Free internet new Latest VPN 2020

Zong Unlimited Free internet new Latest VPN 2020
Zong Unlimited Free internet new Latest VPN 2020
Hide your identity on the Internet and access blocked applications and sites through Zong VPN, while keeping your mobile activity anonymous and secure.

Zhong VPN Proxy is a reliable access system with high levels of security, privacy, speed, reliability, and security. Zong Hotspot offers online freedom across geographical boundaries. Access your content anywhere in the world with one click.

Block content with geographical restrictions: Encrypt all data traffic and access global media, video, messages, applications, and social networks.

Protect all your online activity: Hide your IP address, ID and location in the tracker for maximum privacy and security.

or free or unlimited: use the main task for free (forever) or get unlimited bonuses!

Superior VPN performance: VPN technology provides the highest VPN speed, highly reliable and secure connection.

VPN with the largest VPN range: Anchorage Hotspot Shield offers VPN coverage in 70 countries, including USA, UK, JP, IN, AU, CA, CN!

Activity Not logged Activity: Zong does not track VPNs and login users and their activities. Security and Privacy Delivery!

Customer: Excellent Customer Support: If you have any questions or suggestions, write to us. Support for @ZongVPN.com is guaranteed!

Billtrust: Free VPN has been installed millions of times for free VPN and is presented by Fast Company, Forbes, CNET, CNN, and the New York Times.

✓ Anti-Malware and Phishing Protection: Built-in anti-malware and phishing protection protect your Android smartphone from over 57 million malicious sites every day.

How does VPN work?
The VPN proxy uses VPN technology (virtual private network) to provide a secure and reliable connection between the device and the target web site through an encrypted channel. Hotspot Shield hides your original IP address, so it can’t hide your device’s identity. Therefore, no one can see your activity on the Internet, and you can even access closed sites behind the firewall.

Zong VPN Proxy is a free product designed for anyone looking for a basic lock and privacy-free version or a premium version with additional services.

The free ZZ version of Zong VPN lets you open all content in the United States and access it from your favorite application or site. Unlimited release without ads.

Premium version of ZZong VPN (Auto-Renewal option) gives you unlimited access to up to 20 default locations, including US, UK, JP, IN, CA, CN, TR, U O, and others. Ads supported by Premium accounts support up to 5 smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial before you decide to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.