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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2
Download Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2,3,4 And 5 in Urdu
Toward the start of the thirteenth century Muslims all things considered, were confronting a tough time meanwhile another Realm began to spread on the globe when in the administration of Genghis Khan a murderous Mongolian armed force assaulted different territories to spread their Domain then on one side while going through.

Eastern Europe they arrived at Focal Europe while on the opposite side they demonstrated their capacity in Siberia subcontinent China and Persian territory soon Mongol militaries made a non-practically identical history of savagery and persecution every single extraordinary realm were bowing their heads to Mongol pitilessness then again Corazon Domain vanquished numerous regions of Khorasan Iran Syria and Iraq involved by Seljuqs around then their capacity was at its pinnacle.

Genghis Khan named tornado moved towards Corazon Domain with his all savageries and attacked pieces after the fierceness of this Realm Turk clans living there began to relocate looking for a sheltered spot the greater part of the clans were shepherds and Tramp any place they saw greenery and water they set their tents there and began living the majority of these clans arrived at Iran and Syria while some of them moved towards Egypt one of these Turk clans was named Chi a clan key clan was moderately more grounded and somewhat more populated than others this was a warrior clan and its pioneer was Suleiman sha.

Suleiman Shah left his Country

Chi II clan in the initiative of Suleiman Shah left his country Khorasan and went to Syria on his way while crossing Euphrates Waterway suleiman shah suffocated and couldn't endure suleiman shah had four children child ger talkin Gunda do or Ertugrul and done dar after the passing of Suleiman shah KYI II clan got isolated child gu talkin and gunde doo went to a ton with his families and buddies leftovers picked her Ertugrul as their pioneer due to his valor and fortitude earth Ertugrul Ghazi had a daring dauntless and warrior character he realized very well.

How to shield his clan that is the reason he with his sibling and his clan which was comprise of right around 400 and twenty families headed towards Asia Minor and entered Seljuks Domain around then seljuq seat had a place with King Allah you Senior member K quad who was acclaimed in view of his equity when ur Ertugrul Ghazi was going to capital Konya with his clan to look for asylum under.

Ruler Allah Dignitary on his way close to Ankara Ertugrul Ghazi saw two armed forces battling with one another Ertugrul Ghazi knew about none of the armed forces yet he while watching that one of them is less packed and the other one is an enormous armed force he with his littlest armed force who were absolutely 420 just remained with the less jam-packed ones he assaulted the adversary armed force with his these couple of officers abruptly and firmly rivals armed force got terrified and felt that they may have some assistance from some place this military while it was winning lost the fight later on it came to realize that the military whom Ertugrul Ghazi helped was the military of Seljuk King.

Allah Gracious Senior member cake wads it isn't certain that the restricting armed force was of whom some state that was the Byzantines armed force and many states that was Tatari armed force King Allah Deen was dazzled by Ertugrul Ghazi's dauntlessness and his clan was given the region of corikauk close to Ankara in its domain it was an uneven region key clans settled there it is said that King Allah and Senior member had given this zone to the key clan so the outskirts of this side can be shielded from the assaults from Byzantine armed force King permitted them to overcome the regions along the fringe and add them to the Realm this zone was associated with the Byzantines outskirt in a limited capacity to focus time her slop intrigued.

Everybody with his boldness after some time to get City was likewise apportioned to her young lady Ghazi by the King the aftereffect of this triumph was that numerous other Turkish clans additionally joined Ertugrul Ghazi and acknowledged him as their main consequently the intensity of Ertugrul Ghazi expanded step by step and his impact started to be set up in encompassing regions for a landowner to get such force and impact could have involved worry for King Allah a Senior member yet because of the inward issue and uprisings from state Boss in Asia Minor the Seljuk Realm was at the last phase of decrease in spite of the fact that the greatness of Seljuks was as yet unmistakable in.

 Konya yet the administration extension was extremely constrained on one side the Mongolians had involved a huge region while on the other Christian powers had reoccupied numerous old Byzantines regions other than this numerous phones you pioneers had set up independent governments the fringes regions were for the most part in a condition of war and there was constantly a danger of assault from Mongols in such a circumstance as opposed to getting stressed from the triumphs of Ertugrul Ghazi King had a murmur of alleviation so he compensated. 

Ertugrul Ghazi so at an area between yeni City and Bursa as an agent of Allah a Deen when Ertugrul Ghazi crushed an Assembled armed force of Mongols and Byzantines King remunerated this city too - earth to run and he named the whole state King Unni he likewise made Ertugrul Ghazi the administrator of his forefront armed force troop in this tremendous zone King Unni there were various mansions other than landless fields and rich terrains.
However, the vast majority of the zone of King Unni was involved by obstinate pioneers and so as to completely set up his position to lead Ghazi and later on his child Osman Gazi needed to battle for a significant stretch in 1281 and as per some others in 1288 Ertugrul Ghazi kicked the bucket at 90 years old Halim Hayton spouse and Ertugrul Ghazi was the girl of Seljuq Sovereign ghiyath advertisement.

Noise Massoud Halim a tune brought forth three children news subsea and Osman after the demise of Ertugrul Ghazi his replacement was his most youthful child Osman Gazi like his dad was a genuine Muslim fearless and brave individual he additionally proceeded with the arrangement of triumphs in 1299 when Seljuq domain was totally over Osman Gazi declared his self-sufficient government in all his vanquished zones in this manner the Footstool Realm was set up independently from the Seljuk Realm.

So another realm showed up on the world guide which made due for over 600 years and which reached out more than three mainlands with a region of around 20 million square kilometers Ertugrul Ghazi was covered in salute his child Osman Gazi likewise fabricated a mosque there the ebb and flow tomb of Ertugrul Ghazi was modified in King Abdul Hamid the second period in 1998 Ertugrul Ghazi mosque was worked in his respect and as sired Turkmenistan region.